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G1 Practice Test 1


Looking for a free G1 practice test? Start with this one, it’s our most popular! Updated for 2015, this test contains the most recent ON driving rules and road signs.

G1 Practice Test 2

40 questions

Take our second G1 practice test (updated for 2015). The questions are very similar (often identical!) to the real G1. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself right now!

G1 Practice Test 3

40 questions

Take our 3rd G1 test online, and get ready from the comfort of your home. Same format & grading standards as used by the DriveTest centers across the province!

G1 Practice Test 4

40 questions

This practice test will help you get ready for your Ontario G1 test in no time. Our users report that it is more effective than the ON Driver’s Handbook, and so much more fun!

G1 Practice Test 5

40 questions

Get ready for your G1 Test and pass it with flying colors after you practice this test! Updated for 2015 & based on the official ON Driver’s Manual. Click here to start!

G1 Practice Test 6

100 questions

Did you know that 32% of people fail their G1 driving test the first time? Our free practice tests have already helped over 250.000 Canadians, and counting!

G1 Road Rules Test

new 100 questions

This G1 Practice Test contains 100 essential questions about the road rules and situations in Ontario.

Massive G1 Practice Test

new 200 ques

This new G1 Practice Test (updated for 2015) contains 200 essential questions about road signs and rules in Ontario.

G1 Marathon Test

new 200 questions

This test contains the questions from ALL of our other G1 practice tests. Take it just before going to the actual G1 Test Centre and taking the real G1 exam.

G1 Test Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
Our FREE G1 Practice Tests help you prepare for your Ontario G1 Test so that you could get your driver’s license and get behind the wheel as soon as possible. Our test questions simulate the real G1 test in every possible way: number of questions in a test, passing score, etc -- to help you build enough confidence and get ready for all sorts of questions related to ON road signs and traffic rules.
Do I have to pay anything?
NO! We do not charge you anything -- there’s no catch! We don’t even require registration or logging in. Simply choose a test above (we recommend you start with the first one, it’s our most popular!) and start practicing.
Are these the actual 2015 G1 test questions?
Our questions were carefully designed and worded to imitate the real G1 test as much as possible. We have used the official Ontario Driver’s Handbook, several other award-winning G1 preparation materials, feedback from other users who already passed their G1, and our own successful G1 experience to create these unique practice tests -- to help you cover all the bases. Unfortunately, there is no way to know exactly what questions you personally will get. However, even though Ontario DriveTest centers seem to have several question sets that they randomly rotate, our users have reported that our questions are nearly identical to the actual G1 questions (although sometimes worded differently). Most of our users claim that these G1 Practice Tests were sometimes the only resource that helped them pass!
Is the format of these practice tests similar to the real G1 test?
Absolutely! We carefully designed our tests to imitate the real G1 Test in every aspect. To ensure your experience with us is nearly identical to the ‘real deal’, all of our tests have the same number of questions (40). Our practice tests are also organized the same way: 2 sections with 20 questions in each, and use the same scoring system (not more than 4 mistakes allowed for each section) as the real G1 Test. However, to help you learn the questions and answers better we went one step further. All of our practice tests have Hints (short little triggers to help you when you don’t know the answer) and Explanations (longer, more detailed references that are only displayed when you give the wrong answer).
So how effective are these G1 practice tests?
Oh boy, they are effective! Every day from 4 to 5 thousand Canadians take our practice tests. Over the years, we have received only positive feedback: hundreds and hundreds of users claim that it was because of our written practice tests that they were able to pass their G1 test.
I have a question that’s not answered above.
If you can’t find the answer to your question above, please contact us at or use our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!