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Getting ready for your G1 test? Taking our second practice test will make you even more prepared for the written G1 test. While our first four practice tests, including this one, have an “easy” designation, we realize they still require a significant amount of studying the information in the Ontario driver’s handbook. Passing this second practice test, as well as both the easy and hard practice tests after it, will help you be completely prepared for your written G1 test. Every practice exam you take makes you less likely to be part of the 73% of people who fail the written G1 exam the first time, often because they’re simply not familiar enough with Ontario traffic laws and road rules. While the questions on this test may be worded slightly differently to the real exam, they cover the exact topics that may be featured on the real exam, such as speed limits, headlight and seatbelt usage, right-of-way rules, the demerit point system, and much more. The questions will also help you become even more familiar with the over 90 common Ontario road rules, as well as 70 traffic signs and markings, that you may need to know. Whether you’re taking the G1 written test for the first time, or you’ve already taken it without a good result but are determined to pass this time, our second G1 practice test ensures you a test-taking experience that will prepare you for exactly what you’ll face at the DriveTest centre. Good luck!

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ON G1 Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions:20+20
Answer correctly to pass:16+16
Passing score:80%

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