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Ontario driver's license

The key to success is practice. Questions you’ve missed in any of our six G1 practice tests will automatically show here in your personal G1 Challenge Bank; use it to focus your studies for the G1 test. Our practice tests ranging from Easy to Hard will help you prepare for all possible topics from the Ontario Driver’s Manual, and the Challenge Bank will help you highlight areas you still need to strengthen. About 3 in 4 people fail the G1 exam; ensure that you’re able to pass all 40 questions on the 90 common road rules and the 70 Ontario road signs without worry. As you’re studying and utilizing our practice tests, check your Challenge Bank to make sure you’re not missing too many in each portion of the test. Let the G1 Challenge Bank work as your own remediation room to focus on questions you may need more practice to get the hang of. Feel more confident going into your test knowing you’ve studied hard and learned from your mistakes.

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