G1 Test: Things You Need To Know

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It is always exciting to be getting your license for the first time and taking the Ontario G1 test. I remember when I was getting ready to take the test. I was so nervous that I would be one of the only kids in school who didn’t get their G1. In order to get your G1 license you need to study the driver’s handbook for the G1 test. You can get the book at Canadian Tire or a Drive Test Centre. When my mother got her handbook (about 20 years ago) the book was only $5! I paid about $25 for mine, and I am sure the prices may be higher by now, but you can even view it online. The G1 test will have 20 questions about road signs and 20 more after that. Make sure you understand the demerit system too. You have to have your license with you at all times and it has to be registered by the Ministry of Transportation.
Each province has its own licenses and it has to be registered in your province. However, there are steps that you have to follow starting with the G1 license. There are six conditions with a G1 license. Any new driver has to have a G1 licence for at least 12 months before they can take the G1 test, which will get you your G2 license. This time can be cut down to eight months if you take a driver education course at an accredited driving school. Drivers get more privileges after they pass their G1 driving test in Ontario.

As a G1 driver you have to:

  • maintain a zero blood alcohol level while you are driving
  • have a licensed driver with you that has at least four years driving and a blood alcohol level less than .05 percent in case they have to take the wheel
  • the other driver should be the only one in the front
  • never have more people then seat belts in the vehicle
  • do not drive on the 400 series highways or the high speed expressways
  • do not drive from midnight to five in the morning

You have to be at least sixteen years old to get your G1.

To apply for a driver’s license you need:

  • a passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • permanent resident card
  • record of landing
  • proof of residence
  • any immigration papers

After that you have to pass a vision test and a G1 knowledge test which combines the rules and traffic signs. This test can be taken in many different languages. There are places online where you can practice the test – start with our G1 Practice Tests series. If you take a course the time you have to wait will lessen from 12 months to 8 months if you take a Beginner Driver Education Course. The new driver will have some limits. If you are unsure about the G1 test you can take the G1 License Online Practice Test to get you prepared for the real thing.
You will want to practice before your G1 driving test -- especially three point turns and parallel parking. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape with working lights, brakes, turn signals etc. On the day of the test, try to relax and take a deep breath. Remember to look in your mirrors and move your head so the instructor sees you in the action. It is important to pay attention to the instructor. You can take a look at the elements in the Record of Driver Examination (the official paper the examiner will be using during the exam).

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