Full G Driving Test: Things To Know

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There are three different levels of driving licenses in Ontario.

The first is the G1 (knowledge exam), then the G2 (exit test) and then the Full G licence. Each one comes with conditions. The holders of a Full G driving licence can operate any car, van and small truck. This can be taken a year after the G2 licence is obtained. This test is to ensure that you can drive on the highway at high speeds. In order to get your Full-G, you need to pass the G2 test.

There are some things you can keep in mind that will help you passing the Full G exam.

  1. Before you leave the house check that your turn signals, brake light and headlights are all in working order.

    These parts will get tested before you even leave the parking lot for the road test. If you don’t want to get your test rescheduled because something isn’t working then check them! You also have to check the paperwork that you have to turn in and make sure you have your learners permit.

  2. Get to the testing area on time or early. You may want to walk around and check out all the road signs nearby.

    Most license bureaus are crowded and there can be very long waits even past your appointment time. You should bring something to occupy your time like a book. I loaded my iPod with m favourite songs to put me in a good mood. I knew I would be nervous, so I put lots of up-beat songs.

  3. Leave your cell phone at home or turn it off.

    Getting a call in the middle of your road test would not look favourably on you. Try to relax with your examiner but let him do the talking. He does not know you and is going into traffic not knowing what your driving skills actually are. Chances are he is just as nervous as you!

  4. When you get in the car listen to the examiner.

    You won’t be doing anything you haven’t done before from the driving manual. You should have practised extensively at this point. If you are not sure what they want from you, make sure you ask instead of doing something dangerous. When my instructor told me to turn right, I replied, “at the stop sign?” and he replied, “no, into the plaza.” If I didn’t ask, I would have taken a wrong turn, which would have made me more nervous!

You will be tested for about 30 minutes behind the wheel and you can expect to get tested on:

  • proper lane use
  • proper observation skills
  • mirror use
  • blind spot checks
  • space between vehicles
  • approach to an intersection when left turning
  • road side stops
  • freeway driving
  • parallel parking
  • proper lane change procedures
  • defensive driving

You will also have to do some expressway driving in order to get your g-full. You have to pass the Level Two road test to get you licence class G-full driver. People from other countries can bypass and drive in Canada from 6-8 months and get a license much faster. While going through these tests can be nerve wracking you have to do it to get to your g full licence. As long as you are prepared then taking the Full G exam should not be a huge deal. Just make sure you follow instructions and listen to your instructor and you should do fine. The final g-test should cost you around $75. You should take a driver’s education course before you take your test, which can give you lower insurance rates and ensure you pass quickly.

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