Engage your students AND make our roads safer

Help your students prepare for their G1 exams. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility mission, our valuable online driver education program is being offered free of charge to a limited number of ON universities, schools and community colleges.

Available 24/7

Unlimited access allows your students to practice at school or on campus, at home, or on the go using our free app or mobile-friendly site.

Attract More Students

Providing free driver education resources will instantly send teenagers streaming through your doors.

Just Like REAL G1 Test

Same format and grading standards as used by the DriveTest offices across the province. Separate tests for road signs and road rules!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
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How long will the ‘Pro Bono’ program last?
Is there a formal agreement?
Will our students see ads?
Do you collect any sensitive information about our students?
How do I let our students know about this program?
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